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Introducing the amazing Emerald Laser in Richmond, London….one of the few clinics in the UK to utilise this device for fat loss, for boosting your energy and improving your confidence. We love this machine, especially for the immense sense of well-being and are jumping on this at every opportunity!

And, unlike other fat loss treatments, there is no downtime, no pain, and no side effects.

Painless fat reduction with no downtime!

No pain, no downtime! Relax comfortably, use your phone, watch TV or even take a nap during the treatment. The Emerald Laser in London works silently to reduce fat cells, allowing you to continue your day without interruptions or side effects.
Immediate results! Clothes fit better with minimal effort and no recovery time needed!

Understanding the Emerald laser technology

The FDA-approved Emerald Laser is a safe and effective fat loss treatment. It uniquely emulsifies and removes fat via the lymphatic system without harming essential fat cells. This promotes a healthier body composition and reduces cellulite, enhancing overall body shape and skin quality.

How does it work?

The laser emulsifies fat (breaks it down) and then this is then removed through your lymphatic system.
This revolutionary device harnesses the body’s natural capabilities for repair and rejuvenation through cellular activity. It reduces fat without harming the vital fat cells, leading to improved cellulite appearance and body shape. The laser prompts fat cells to release fatty acids safely, enabling a cascade effect, transforming other fat cells into healthy, lean versions.

When do I notice results?

After your second session, about a week. We recommend 6–10 sessions depending on your goals.

Which body parts does it shrink?

We have used it all over the body. The most popular areas are the waist/bum, chin, tummy, back and the treatment of cellulite. It is very popular for “love handles”.

Unmatched treatment benefits!

There is not cutting (liposuction), no heat, no freezing. So, zero side effects and zero downtime. As a result, instead of being eliminated, the fat cells shrink. In this state, they emulate healthy, lean cells, sending signals to the brain and trigger a communication effect within the fat organ. This encourages other fat cells to release their content and respond positively to hormones. This is a classic cascade effect, there is a ripple effect to other fat cells.

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What our customers say

S Basi
S Basi
17 June 2024
I have struggled with weight most of my life, but especially since being on some medication the last decade which really ballooned my weight. I’ve tried virtually very diet and been hardcore into fitness as well. Despite all of that, and a really demanding job, I struggled to keep with results. I came across emerald on social media and I wasn’t sure if it was going to work because I didn’t see much online out there. It seemed almost too good to be true. Dovile was amazing so supportive, kind and a true advocate. Emerald was really relaxing and it was such a pleasure to be on this journey with dovile. From session to session you don’t see much change but document it, and you will be surprised as I was by the end the results. I have more energy and more confidence to show up in life for work, for my fitness goals and to be more present physically for my loved ones. It was an investment in me and the emerald clinic was an amazing part of the journey. The staff are really friendly and I will honestly miss my sessions with dovile. Of course you have to do the work to change your lifestyle and habits but this just gives you the extra boost to see results which motivate you to keep with it. Thank you dovile and the emerald clinic for helping me achieve results!
Jennifer Gove
Jennifer Gove
7 June 2024
I am so pleased I went to The Emerald Clinic in Richmond. The area we focused on (above hips/below waist) has reduced noticeably, it’s so nice being smaller there than I ever have been before. In addition, the sessions are very relaxing - it is a really comfortable space, so as well as toning up it’s a nice opportunity to relax. I will definitely be back to tackle another area soon.
6 June 2024
Having struggled with my weight and ‘menopause middle’ for the last few years, I was curious when Emerald Laser Clinic opened in Richmond. The clinic is housed on River Lane, overlooking the Thames within the premises of The Richmond Dentist. Over the past few years I have tried a number of things to try to reduce my waistline. Swimming, Pilates, Rebounding, increased steps, intermittent fasting, diets etc. Most recently I tried a quite strict exercise and diet programme which worked for my husband who lost 13kgs in 11 weeks but I only lost 4. When I saw that Emerald Laser promised to ‘shrink fat’ with no down time, it’s fair to say, that I loved the sound of it but felt quite skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. However, with a spring break in the sun approaching, I felt it was worth a try as nothing else has worked. After a consultation with Dovile (the lovely wife of Richmond Dentist Dr Hap Gill), where she explained how it works, I started a course of 6 sessions. The treatment itself is very relaxing. You simply lie down and the laser does its thing. After the treatment Dovile offers a lymphatic drainage session using a top of the range compression suit. I felt this really helped to get my circulation going after the treatment. During the course of the treatment I have carried on with life as normal. Generally I am quite active, and eat healthily, mainly cooking from scratch at home, and I walk everywhere when possible. I have maintained those good habits during the treatment plan, but have still lived life normally, having the occasional glass of wine or dessert. For the first 3 sessions, I didn’t really see much of a difference. Dovile takes measurements to track progress but not much seemed to have moved. However, by the 4th session I could really see and feel a difference. After session 6, I could really see the difference. I tried on last years summer clothes and most of them were now too big. I then retrieved some clothes from storage that I hadn’t worn for 3 years and to my delight, many of them now fit. Although the treatment focussed on my waist, I seem to have also lost weight around my hips and thighs which is a pleasant added bonus. I don’t seem to have shifted much on the scales, but the change in shape is clear to see. It feels to me like the laser treatment shifted something. Where I had felt quite ‘solid’ around the middle, this has now slimmed down. Dovile told me that the results should be maintained as long as I keep up with a healthy lifestyle. It is good to know that it also possible to arrange top up treatments, if I need a quick reset. For me, this has been the solution I have been looking for, and I would highly recommend it.
Elizabeth Bourke
Elizabeth Bourke
25 April 2024
For the last decade I’ve been raising my children single handed whilst working part time and caring for my aging parents. I've struggled to find any time or cash for taking care of myself and coupled with the weight gain, loss of confidence, and insomnia (to name but a few) effects of hitting the menopause I started to avoid mirrors and stopped buying clothes as the thought of purchasing a size 16 when I was a healthy 12 before the kids was just depressing. Then entirely by chance I discovered Emerald Lasser treatment with Dovile Gill at The Richmond Dentist and after 10 sessions I bought a bikini! Okay, I didn't actually wear it but to even have purchased it speaks volumes about how fantastic I feel. Prior to Emerald I honestly felt disgusted with my body shape and the fact that I had strayed so far away from my once toned and sculpted figure, that I was in a toxic pattern of feeling so bad about myself and overwhelmed by the amount of hard work required to improve things that I buried my head in the sand and did nothing except dislike myself even more. Thankfully Emerald has reignited my self-esteem and, although far from complete, has set me firmly on the path to believing that I can look and feel good and given me the motivation I needed to rejoining yoga classes and stop reaching for the biscuit tin. In addition to reducing my waist line (noticeable after the first 5 sessions) I lost every ounce of fat from my upper torso without losing any weight in my face or reduction in my bust size. Without the back fat and a tummy reassembling me at 6 months pregnant I feel amazing. I still have a way to go but without the Emerald sessions I'd have never got started. I've committed to regularly attending yoga classes and eating healthy for six months and then I'm going to reward myself with another course of Emerald targeting my thighs. By the time I head to the sun for Christmas I will be rocking the bikini! The sessions are completely painless and provide an opportunity to relax and unwind in pleasant surroundings with parking available. Dovile is so warm, welcoming and, most importantly, non-judgmental that no matter how difficult your relationship has become with your body you can greatly improve it. Sent from Outlook for iOS

How long does it last?

The results are indefinite, if you maintain a balanced diet, and take regular exercise.